June 23, 2016

Taking Another Step To End It


hmmm.. i think i need a progress. A progress for me so i can move on. Well, i had post about my crush. I had tried to forget him many times, But i cant. He always in my mind. So, to get the answer I will ask him. fuhh.. tak pernah2 ni syikin buat perangai macam ni. Allahu, aku dah tak fokus da. And i want myself back.

So, to end it i need to talk to him. Cakap je senang. Once dah setel i will bawa diri. I didnt expect he will accept me. I can predict he will reject me. Which I dont mind. At least I tell him what I feel. Pray for me. So, I will be strong and move ahead.

I am taking another step to end all this mess in my head.

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