June 26, 2016

The Unexpected


Yup, this is unexpected and bcome more complicated. I miss my old self. Hati aku ni keep going to that person. He was not giving a proper answered and im still put a hope in it.

Allah, Tuhan yang membolak balikkan hati aku.  I hate this feelings. Hate to know how pathetic i can be when i fall to someone. I said i want to end it but i cant. He keep mingling in my mind. I believe everything happen comes with reason.

Every morning i wake up just to see whether he reply my wassap or not. The dissapointment with blue tick like hmmmm.. I do feel relieve when i told him. but i never expect this could happen. Even right now i am not well due to sore throat and suddenly sakit gigi and i still look at my phone.

Weii, aku dah gila ka apa? I am scared. Takut this feeling will be more deep.His name always in my pray and i can feel how selfish i am. Aku pujuk diri aku untuk redha.Redha dlm smua benda. Please pray for me. I am really struggling in this.

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