November 27, 2016

Speaking la pula. lols


I havent been updated my blog since bila entah.hahaha.Currently i have been go though in tough time but not really tough. Alhamdulillah i can handle it. I can say i need to stand strong. I am still work in Airasia for almost 2 years. I am still seeking better opportunity for me to grow in career.

I am also try my best to be me, a daughter and a friend. Actually i wanna share my feelings. I dont know where i should start. If u read my previous post, aku ada share pasal someone which i thought the feelings will go away when i ignore it. Actually NO.

I have tried my best to make myself busy with work,family and friends but in my mind I still thinking of him. Do i tell him? yes. How he react? As i expected. He cold to me. Allahu, i need to get rid this feeling but i dont know how. I got friends who know him a little. There are the reasons that i can say i should stop but the thing is i really wanna go to him. I dont know why. I know i should really move on. One of my friends say im living in denial. Am I?

Ya Allah, apa nak jadi dengan aku ni. Me and him macam langit dengan bumi, macam enggang dengan pipit. He faaaar away better than me but why I want him ha?  I will try my best to move on. Really my best. Guys, this is what we call unrequited love. lols

Patah hati, hancur hati tak sangka it happened to me, Next year i hope i can be more strong, I can let this feeling go. Go back to me before as a free girl. I mean as me who can stand alone.Please pray for me.

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