February 11, 2017

ASk fm


I just opened my askfm. Then, I just read the answered from him. Hmmm.. it has been around 2 months when I really decided to move on.He replied  me 2 months ago. I hope he dont know that's me[sebab aku buat anonymous]. I mean his regret,And his answer tu pun I take it as nothing. Rasanya that question dah lama aku tanya. But i cant remember when. 

Sebenarnya terdetik nak buka askfm tu. Sebab dah lama tak buka kan. Then, I saw I have notification.  The feeling tho. There is no excitement like before. Mungkin I pray hard to Allah, ask Him to let all these feelings go.Alhamdulillah I can bear this. Kena cekalkan hati ye tuan2 dan puan2. Terima dengan hati yang terbuka. gitu..

I am very busy lately. Busy with the work. Exhausted but what can I do. I need to surviveDoakan yang terbaik untuk aku.=)

p/s: Entah apa la yang aku merepek. Maafkan beta.