December 17, 2015

My thought


havent update my blog for a long time. I just wanna share my thought for today eventhough  i know no one read my

tadi balik dari keja.Naik house at level 11.which is paling atas.then, the lift stopped at level 3.ghopenye ada bangla nak masuk naik tingkat, what i wanna say is, when i looked at his face i can feel he got something in his mind.His face shows full of worry. Resah,macam ada yg tak kena.Risau sesuatu maybe.

Tapi kenapa aku nak sibuk sgt kan.Just let him la.Allahu, im not so sure why i hv this in my mind.What can i say, aku banyak merungut.I got life, i got family, i got job eventhough contract but i can say alhamdulliah much better.My 2015 was challenging. I have been through sooo many things.I cried,hatred,lonely and many more.

Different ppl has different life.We should be glad.Life is tough, isnt it?.There billions people on this world who have unfortunate life. Sedangkan kita juga struggling untuk hidup.Dont ever look down to other people.Mana tahu mereka lg mulia dr kita. Dont ever give up and always move forward. I am just human.Orang melayu tapi speaking .hahaha..Kita ttak bernasib baik sgt tp bersyukur la kerna Allah izinkan kita bernafas lg. Till then.

ps: Esok ada sambutan krismas. Aku nk pki jubah.hahaha