July 9, 2011

The Right Time

don't ask me such question anymore.When it's come at the right time then i tell you.
it's not because i dont want it.
i want.
it just not the right time yet.
and not meet the right person yet.
 Allah has arranged everything.
and Let me focus with what i have.
dont look down on me.
i know you are much better than me.
even im not pretty like you, 
even i dont have anyone like you,
even i still dont have choice to choose,
at least i know what i want,
at least Allah protects my heart,
at least i dont have other things to think....
That's all
Thank You..


visitme@FaTiN cOrNeR said...

weii..aku jmpa blog hg nie kt blog fa-in..

follow sini..hehe

asi_hijab said...

terharuu aku..heheh..ok2..aku follow..^_^