May 21, 2013

Final of final


before we go to the main topic. I just wanna tell you something. Tadi aku tidur petang. I had dream. The dream that make me happy at first. Which it gave me hope even in my dream.Unfortunately, that nice dream turn out to be disaster, shame and of course unhappy. The moral of the story is JANGAN TIDUR PETANG..hehehe

Ok now, it is final of final.Time flies so fast. This is my final,Final for everything. I will graduate soon. Leaving this nice garden of knowledge and virtue to the full adventure and challenge of the world.Many of my friends asked me, what is my plan after graduate?

Definitely not further my study. Not in my plan yet but if Allah gives rezeki I will further my study. Sape tak nak kan? If u get the chance of course we will grab it especially it can guarantee your future. InsyaAllah.

my final will start on 26th. Then continue 27th, 29th of may, 6,7 and 8th of June. Then, I will going back to my home town.Sebelum ni, aku adalah orang yang akan balik awal dalam roomate aku. But this time I'll be the last one. Allah just gives me time for me to spend my last moment in this campus. That's all. Pray for me and wish me all the best..Sekian. ^^

p/s: Aku still nak anak. hahaha..terkejut??but one of my friend said, 'cari suami kepada kamu dulu baru bapak kepada anak kamu'. My mom also said, cari bakal suami dulu baru kahwin.Then, baru la fikir pasal anak.So, who wants to be my husband?.Hohoho

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