May 13, 2013



as some of my friends know, this semester i am soooo busy. Ya Allah busy teramat sangat. Everyday ade je keje kena buat. But now alhamdulillah, beban dah ringan sikit. Just left few assignments and it is not a big deal. Since this sem I take 6 subjects I think it quite burden for me as I am an ordinary student,

As this is my last sem,aku sangat menghargai setiap masa. Less than one month everything will be over. The heaviest course work in this sem is LE 4600. It is english subject.The pressure actually depend on who is your lecturer. Mine, get the scariest lecturer in cellpad. However, she is nice actually. Just at first few classes I got stressed because of the workload.  Banyak sangat keje and she almost like dictator. But the one who kind. hehehe

Bila aku buat keja dengan baik  she will give compliment. Bila our performance was bad she not give the punishment. But somehow we feel stressed and scared. Walaupun keja banyak and we banyak merungut at first at the end we can see the result. Tak de la sehebat mana but our performance ok la.Better not excellent.

Last two weeks was the most craziest of my life so far. Seriously, orang lain balik election but me have to stay at campus. So, maksudnya aku tak balik untuk election la.  My presentation was on Friday. Then, how come nak balik election dekat langkawi. All my langkawi friends dah balik just left me dekat uia.

Ok, we have to present our proposal. Then, we prepared but suddenly on the thursday around 4.20 pm our proposal had been rejected. Ya Allah, memang menangis waktu tu. What program should we do? And the hardest part is we have to present on Friday morning at 10.30 am. Memang seksa la.

Diringkaskan cerita, we made it. We change our proposal. Tak de la sehebat mana our proposal but it worth it. Nak cerita sikit, we got the real idea at 3 am on the morning. After long discussion and argument since after maghrib baru la dapat yang beik punyer.We started did our video at 5am. I just got sleep one and half hour. Itu pun pkul 6.Letih kot. But we gagah juga. we tried our best.

one thing I would like to say..My group mates are daebak!!!.They are the best. 

That's the moment that I wont forget. Forever..Yang aku perasan, because of this hardship we become closer which I love them so much. Thanks korang!!!Sayang korang banyak2..hehehe

Now, nah tengok gambar selepas presentation dah hbs.hahaha

Then, to appreciate our hardship last friday kitorang had lunch in spring potato. ^^

kitorang tak ambil gambar makanan. Kitorang ambil gambar orang yang nak makan makanan, till then. All the best wahai member2 ku. May this ukhuwah last till the end. ^^

p/s: this is last week of class.Debar kot. ^^


mash said...

deabak! Unforgettable moments.

tiNtA dAri hAti said...

So sweet...dan sbb hardships we were facing b4 in the course make us realized that we need each other..:)